Privacy Policy for the app Treeceps

Treeceps is designed in a way that minimizes the amount of personally-identifying information collected. At the moment, no user data from the app is stored directly on servers owned by the developer of Treeceps. Below you can find a description of how and what data is processed and about the connected third parties.

Gathering of Personally-Identifying Information

In general, Treeceps collects these types of data:

1.) Physical activity data, such as steps and stairs is collected through the Health app and the HealthKit API preinstalled on your iPhone.

2.) Strength training workout data, such as exercise sets performed in a workout, is generated and collected through input of the user.

3.) Game data, such as virtual rewards that are unlocked by adhering to your personal goals. E.g., when reaching your daily step goal, you count of times your daily step goal was reached is incremented. This is visualized by a flower in the app that grows as you reach your step goal more often.

4.) App settings, such as whether you prefer kg or lb as the weight unit, or whether you activated sound in the app settings or not.

1.) and 2.) is only accessible to you on the device for visualization in the app. You can optionally enable the iCloud Sync feature to make your progress in the app available to all of your devices. E.g., when owning an iPhone and an iPad. In this case, all of this data, 1.), 2.), 3.) and most of 4.) (some settings, like whether sound is active are not synchronized and can be set on each device indidually) are stored through your iCloud account on servers owned by Apple. This data is only accessible with your personal Apple ID and can not be accessed by others, the developer of Treeceps or by Apple.

If you use the Game Center feature, the virtual rewards in 3.) can be visualized using Apple Game Center and shared with other users through your Game Center account. Your actual fitness information or your goals are not shared in this context. For some virtual rewards more effort results in more rewards. This means it may be possible to generally tell how good a user has reached his personal goals, but not any information about those goals.

Protection of Certain Personally-Identifying Information

All workout data, physical activity data and game progress is stored on your device and can be deleted by deleting the app from your phone. If iCloud Sync has been activated, your data is also saved to your personal iCloud account and can be managed there. The points, achievements and ranking positions are saved in Apple Game Center in case the Game Center feature has been used. You can delete your Apple Game Center account or contact Apple to delete this data.

Third Parties

You can optionally allow Treeceps to use your current location while you use the app. Your location is only ever used to provide weather effects in the virtual world and weather forecasts. Weather data is provided using the Dark Sky API. You can read the privacy policy for the Dark Sky API at

For payment processing RevenueCat is used. In this context a randomly generated user identifier is used to track subscription status and information related to in-app-purchases in Treeceps. RevenueCat's own privacy policy states that RevenueCat will never share information about the app's data outside of RevenueCat. For more information visit:

Usage of the Apple Health App

Treeceps can read step and stairs data from or to the Apple Health app if a user has granted Treeceps access to this kind of data. If access is granted, the app is able to read all step/stairs data that have been saved trough the Apple Health app, but can only delete Health-app entries that have been saved through Treeceps and not ones that have been saved through other apps. To delete your Health app entries, please use the app you used to save these entries or use the Apple Health app, which is able to delete data from all sources.

Changes to this privacy policy

Over time this privacy policy might be updated. The usage of Treeceps is always bound to the current version of this privacy policy. It is remmonded to check this page regularly for the latest version.  

Responsible person

Joe Waldow, Sandberg 10, 25355 Elmshorn, Germany