Privacy Policy for the app Scelta

Gathering of Personally-Identifying Information

Weight data and goals that are saved through Scelta are only stored locally on your device and are used to show this data inside of Scelta. Deleting Scelta from your device also deletes this data.

You can collect virtual points, coins and achievements by adhering to your personal goals. If you use the Game Center feature of Scelta these virtual achievements are visualized using Apple Game Center and shared with other users through your Game Center account. Your actual weight entries or information about your goals are not shared or sent anywhere in this context. Whether your goal is to lose, gain or maintain your weight, you can collect abstract "SP"-points and different coins. Only these points and coins are used for Game Center rankings or unlocking achievements. This means it's only possible to generally tell how good a user has reached his personal goals, but never any information about those goals or weight entries.

Protection of Certain Personally-Identifying Information

All weight entries and goals that you enter trough Scelta are only saved locally and are not sent anywhere. To delete this data you can delete Scelta from your device.

The points, coins and achievements and ranking positions are saved in Apple Game Center, in case the Game Center feature has been used. You can delete your Apple Game Center account to delete this data.

Usage of the Apple Health App

Scelta can optionally read or write weight entries from or to the Apple Health app if a user has granted Scelta access to this kind of data. If access is granted, Scelta is able to read all weight entries that have been saved trough the Apple Health app. Scelta can only delete Health-app entries that have been saved through Scelta and not ones that have been saved through other apps. In no case is your personal data ever transferred to a 3rd party. It is only ever kept within the application container of Scelta or transferred to your personal HealthKit data store as per your permission choices. To delete your Health app entries, please use the app you used to save these entries or use the Apple Health app, which is able to delete data from all sources. If you delete Scelta you can delete all Health app entries made through Scelta or delete those entries later in the Apple Health app.

Third Parties

For payment processing RevenueCat is used. In this context a randomly generated user identifier is used to track subscription status and information related to in-app-purchases in Scelta. RevenueCat's own privacy policy states that RevenueCat will never share information about the app's data outside of RevenueCat.

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